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About CMO

The Career Mobility Office (CMO) provides services related to career mobility and retraining to address workforce needs to all New York State employees, agencies, and authorities.

The CMO:

  • Provides customized career counseling for careers and jobs in demand within New York State agencies
  • Develops career tools and resources that provide State employees with information relevant to career planning and development
  • Works with New York State agencies and labor/management committees to develop retraining programs to address workforce needs
  • Works with New York State employees to help them stay continuously employed in the face of organizational changes

The Career Mobility Office (CMO) is jointly funded through the negotiated agreements between the State of New York and the Civil Service Employees Association, Inc., and the Public Employees Federation, AFL-CIO. Program administration and additional funding is provided by the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations and the Department of Civil Service.