Executive Chamber

Titles included in the NY HELPS program will clearly be identified.

Agency Titles

Admnv Assistant 2

Grade 15 - Approximately 1 position

Empire Fellow

Grade NS - Approximately 2 positions

Student Assnt

Grade NS - Approximately 26 positions


3 titles in this agency.

Approximately 29 positions* in this agency.

The Governor supervises the activities of all the Executive Branch departments through the Executive Chamber. Chamber staff includes the offices of the Secretary to the Governor, Counsel to the Governor, Director of State Operations, Press Secretary to the Governor, Director of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, Director and Washington Counsel to the Governor, Director of Administration-Appointments and special assistants/directors who act as liaisons to the 19 other departments. The Executive Branch includes a number of divisions, offices, commissions, councils, and boards with responsibility for particular State operations.

* The number of approximate positions in GOT-IT are the total positions, both filled and vacant.