Commission of Correction

Agency Titles

Admnv Assistant 1

Grade 11 - Approximately 3 positions

Admnv Assistant 2

Grade 15 - Approximately 2 positions

Assnt Dir Operations

Grade NS - Approximately 1 position

Assoc Attorney

Grade 28 - Approximately 1 position

Correctional Facility Special…

Grade 19 - Approximately 14 positions

Correctional Facility Special…

Grade 21 - Approximately 10 positions

Correctional Facility Special…

Grade 23 - Approximately 7 positions

Dir Operations

Grade M-3 - Approximately 1 position

Program Aide

Grade 13 - Approximately 1 position

Program Research Specialist 2…

Grade 23 - Approximately 1 position

Project Coord

Grade NS - Approximately 1 position

Registered Nurse 2 Utilization

Grade 20 - Approximately 3 positions

Senr Admnv Analyst

Grade 18 - Approximately 1 position

Senr Attorney

Grade 25 - Approximately 1 position

14 titles in this agency.

Approximately 47 positions* in this agency.

The New York State Commission of Correction, by legislative mandate, oversees and regulates prisons, county jails, and local police departments, including facilities within the City of New York. The specific powers and duties of the Commission are delineated in Article 3 of the New York State Correction Law. The Commission consists of three members appointed by the Governor, one of whom is designated Chair. The other commissioners respectively chair the Citizens Policy and Complaint Review Council (CPCRC), which reviews grievances and complaints against correctional facilities, and the Medical Review Board (MRB), which investigates inmate deaths and oversees health care services.

* The number of approximate positions in GOT-IT are the total positions, both filled and vacant.