Special Education Department

Titles included in the NY HELPS program will clearly be identified.

Agency Titles

Educ Specialist

Grade NS - Approximately 984 positions

Maintenance Assnt

Grade 09 - Approximately 1 position

Office Assnt 1 - NY HELPS

Grade 06 - Approximately 170 positions

Student Assnt

Grade NS - Approximately 15 positions

Support Services Assnt

Grade 05 - Approximately 9 positions

Translator Manual Communicati…

Grade 14 - Approximately 1 position


6 titles in this agency.

Approximately 1180 positions* in this agency.

The State Education Department (SED) is governed by a 16-member Board of Regents, who are elected to seven-year terms by the Legislature and who, in turn, appoint the Commissioner of Education. The Education Department has overall coordinating responsibility for all public and private systems of elementary, secondary, continuing, and higher education in the State, the licensed professions, public libraries and library systems, the State Library and the State Archives, museums, historical societies, and the State Museum, nursery schools, public television and radio stations; and vocational and educational services for individuals with disabilities.

* The number of approximate positions in GOT-IT are the total positions, both filled and vacant.