Office of State Inspector General

Agency Titles

Empire Fellow

Grade NS - Approximately 2 positions

Legal Aide

Grade NS - Approximately 2 positions

Project Assnt

Grade NS - Approximately 4 positions

Student Assnt

Grade NS - Approximately 2 positions

4 titles in this agency.

Approximately 10 positions* in this agency.

The New York State Office of the Inspector General is responsible for investigating corruption, fraud, criminal activity, conflicts of interest, and abuse in State government. The Inspector General Office has authority to investigate misconduct in any entity of State government headed by an appointee of the Governor. The easiest way to make a complaint is to call the Inspector General's Hot Line at 1-800-367-4448. Complaints are kept in the strictest confidence. Employees who come forward with allegations of misconduct will be given "whistle-blower" protection against retaliation.

* The number of approximate positions in GOT-IT are the total positions, both filled and vacant.