Using This Site

In order to effectively use GOT-IT, you should understand its basic design. GOT-IT has four different search mechanisms that will provide information on specific titles, agencies, occupations and geographics. GOT-IT does not provide information on any job postings or job availability. The number of approximate positions in GOT-IT are the total positions, both filled and vacant. This Web site does not indicate whether any of the positions are available to be filled. For information on current job postings please go to State Jobs NY and New York State vacancy page.

Title Search

Title search lists titles within New York State government according to the title and salary plan developed by the Department of Civil Service. Enter the name of the title or the first three letters of the name of the title you are searching for. A list of existing titles appears. Select the title you want. If the title you wanted does not appear, try entering the first three letters of the title. That will give you a listing of all titles with that combination of letters. If you need information for a title and it is not available in GOT-IT please contact the Career Mobility Office at (518) 485-6199 or 1-800-553-1322 or by email:

Agency Search

Agency search allows you to view all of the titles within a specific state agency. You are given a scroll menu listing all State agencies that have positions within the classified service. Select the agency you want and you will be given a listing of all of the titles within that agency. Click on a specific title for title information.

Occupation Search

The Occupation directory allows you to look for information based on occupational category. You are given a page with 25 general occupational categories. Click on one of these categories and you will be given a listing of specific occupational categories. Click on the specific occupational category to see what State titles fall under this occupation. A listing of titles will appear. Click on a specific title for title information.

Geographic Search

The Geographic Search allows you to search title information by county. You may select a county by either clicking on the map or from the listing of New York State counties page link. When you select an Agency from the County page you will be provided with that Agency's Web site, title and position information, address, main phone number, as well as mapping services. You may then select a specific title from the Agency Title window provided.

Definition of terms in GOT-IT

To clearly understand the information found in GOT-IT we are providing you with a listing of the terms and their definitions you will see when using this program.

Career Ladder:
This is simply a listing of titles that are most commonly used as steps for upward mobility for the title series you are looking at. If the title you are looking at does not have a career ladder, either look at the career mobility options under that specific title or go to the main menu and use the occupation search for additional titles within this line of work.
Summary of Job Description:
This is a summary of the job description for the title you are looking at. This is to give you a general idea of what is expected of an employee in the job.
Summary of Minimum Qualifications:
A summary of the most recent job qualifications. If an examination is required, you will need to click on the examination number to see the detailed qualifications including any substitutions allowed.
How to Apply:
If an examination is used to fill a position, this section directs you to the Department of Civil Service's Web site for examination information. If no examination is used, you are advised that New York State agencies fill the position directly on their own.
Career Mobility:
This section gives you information on transfer options related to the title you are looking at. If no transfer options are available, contact the Career Mobility Office for assistance.
An assigned group of duties and responsibilities, temporary or permanent, which is generally performed by one person in a title.
The label officially designating a group of positions sufficiently similar in duties and responsibilities; it is descriptive of the work performed and its relative level within a title series or within an organization.

Jurisdictional Classes

New York State job titles in the classified service are divided into the following four jurisdictional classes based principally on the extent to which examination is practicable:

Competitive Class
The jurisdictional class composed of positions for which it is practicable to determine the merit and fitness of applicants by competitive examination. NYS law requires that all Civil Service jobs be classified as competitive, unless the Civil Service Commission specifically places them in a different jurisdictional class.
Non-Competitive Class
The jurisdictional class composed of positions for which it is practicable to examine applicants as to their qualifications, but not practicable to conduct tests on a competitive basis.
Labor Class
The jurisdictional class composed of positions for which competitive tests are impracticable because of the unskilled nature of the duties. Minimum qualifications are generally not established; however, applicants may be required to demonstrate their physical ability to do the job.
Exempt Class
The jurisdictional class composed of positions deemed impracticable to fill by tests of any kind. No specified minimum qualifications are established for exempt positions. Only a small percentage of the State workforce is in jobs in the exempt jurisdictional class and these positions have no civil service rights.
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