70.1 and 52.6 Transfer Determinations

Below are titles that a Auditor 3 Sales Tax can transfer into.
For information on voluntary transfers, click here.

Please keep in mind that these transfer determinations do not mean that agencies have positions available to fill.

The list(s) of approved 70.1 and/or 52.6 transfer determinations provided are subject to change.

The number of approximate positions in GOT-IT are the total positions, both filled and vacant.

Under Section 70.1

Auditor 3 Income Franchise Tax

Grade 27 - Approximately 38 positions

Tax Audit Admr 1

Grade 63 - Approximately 32 positions

Auditor 3 Corporation Tax

Grade 27 - Approximately 18 positions

Tax Regulations Specialist 3

Grade 27 - Approximately 13 positions

Auditor 3 Forensic Tax

Grade 27 - Approximately 12 positions

Auditor 3 Excise Tax

Grade 27 - Approximately 11 positions

Assnt Supvr Tax Conferences

Grade 27 - Approximately 9 positions

Tax Technician 4 Income

Grade 27 - Approximately 8 positions

Tax Technician 4 Excise

Grade 27 - Approximately 5 positions

Tax Technician 4 Sales

Grade 27 - Approximately 4 positions

Tax Technician 4 Corporation

Grade 27 - Approximately 3 positions

The following titles have also been approved for transfer under Section 70.1, however, special qualifications are needed.
Auditor 3 Fiscal Systems - Grade 27 - Approximately 7 positions

Under Section 52.6

Please note that the listing below reflects 52.6 eligible titles within two salary grades or one M-grade of the title you selected. 52.6 transfers may also occur to any lower-level 52.6 eligible title, provided you meet the transfer criteria, including any special qualifications required for the title. To find additional lower level titles that have been deemed 52.6 eligible, you may search the Title and Salary Plan Search Engine, and select "Yes" under the 52.6 selection field, and the requested salary range. If you have questions regarding your transfer eligibility, please Contact CMO.

There are no 52.6 transfer determinations for the title Auditor 3 Sales Tax.

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