Pesticide Control Specialist 1 Spanish Language - Grade 18

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Salary Information for Pesticide Control Specialist 1 Spanish Language
Title Grade Hiring Rate/yr Job Rate/yr
Pesticide Control Specialist 1 Spanish Language 18 $65,001 $82,656
Pesticide Control Specialist 2 Spanish Language 21 $75,850 $96,173

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Job Duties

As a Pesticide Control Specialist 1 (Spanish Language), under general supervision, you would be responsible for enforcing State and Federal pesticide laws and regulations, including the NYS Pesticide Reporting Law of 1996 and the Neighborhood Notification Law of 2000. You would inspect the operations of pesticide producing establishments, pesticide distributors and establishments selling pesticides. You would conduct pesticide use observations for agricultural and non-agricultural pesticide applications. You would inspect registered pesticide business/pesticide use operations, recordkeeping, worker protection practices and pesticide notification and posting. You would inspect purchase and sale records of dealers selling and purchasing restricted use pesticides. You would conduct pesticide applicator certification and recertification training and examinations. You would provide technical review, and issue and monitor aquatic pesticide permits. You would provide pesticide information, interpret regulations, and make presentations to the public and other interested parties or agencies. You would investigate pesticide use complaints, collect pesticide samples and prepare inspection reports. You would implement the Federal Worker Protection Standards Program. You might be called upon to provide information for use in court prosecution or to be a witness in administrative hearings or court proceedings.

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