Authorities Budget Office

Titles included in the NY HELPS program will clearly be identified.

Agency Titles

Admnv Assistant 1 - NY HELPS

Grade 11 - Approximately 1 position

Assoc Attorney

Grade 28 - Approximately 1 position

Legal Aide

Grade NS - Approximately 1 position

Policy Analyst 1 Public Autho… - NY HELPS

Grade 18 - Approximately 6 positions

Policy Analyst 2 Public Autho…

Grade 23 - Approximately 12 positions

Policy Analyst 3 Public Autho…

Grade 27 - Approximately 4 positions

Policy Analyst 4 Public Autho… - NY HELPS

Grade M-4 - Approximately 2 positions

Public Information Specialist… - NY HELPS

Grade 23 - Approximately 1 position

Student Assnt

Grade NS - Approximately 1 position

9 titles in this agency.

Approximately 29 positions* in this agency.

The mission of Authorities Budget Office is to make public authorities more accountable and transparent, and to act in the public interest consistent with their intended purpose. The ABO carries out its mission by: Collecting, analyzing and disseminating to the public information on the finances and operations of state and local public authorities; Conducting reviews to assess the operating and governance practices of public authorities and compliance with state laws; Promoting good governance principles through training and technical assistance, and the issuance of policy guidance and recommended best practices; and Investigating complaints made against public authorities for non-compliance or inappropriate conduct.

* The number of approximate positions in GOT-IT are the total positions, both filled and vacant.