Park Worker 3

Grade 09

New York State has approximately 754 positions* in this title statewide. You may view a breakdown of positions by county. This position exists in various agencies statewide. View links to all New York State agencies including agencies that have this title. For more information, New York State employees can contact the Career Mobility Office at (518) 485-6199 or (800) 553-1322. If you are not a current New York State employee, you can use the Department of Civil Service Web site to explore possible employment opportunities.

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Career Ladder

A listing of titles that are most commonly used as steps for upward mobility for this title series. The salary schedule for this career ladder is also available.

  1. Park Worker 1

    Grade 04

  2. Park Worker 2

    Grade 06

  3. Park Worker 3

    Grade 09

Summary of Job Description

As a PARK WORKER 3, incumbents perform semiskilled maintenance and repair work in one or a combination of trades areas. Incumbents, in learning and perfecting their skills may perform journey level trades activities under supervision or after receiving detailed instructions.
·      Performs and supervises maintenance activities.
·      Repairs doors, window sashes, storm windows, locks and other door hardware, stairs, railings and furniture.
·      Works on erection or renovation of larger buildings and structures.  May repair or rebuild various types of roofs (metal, slate, etc.).
·      Operates shop machinery to make or repair bookcases, shelves, signs, benches, tables, boxes, screens, doors, etc.
·      Performs interior and exterior maintenance including painting, cutting glass and replacing broken panes, finishing furniture, and papering walls.
·      Performs the routine repetitive tasks of the electrical trade such as running wire, laying and repairing electrical cable, installing switches and light fixtures.
·      Performs the less complex plumbing tasks such as replacement and repair or installation work which includes cutting, fitting threading pipes, removing stoppages and repairing leaks in line.
·      Points up brick and stone, patches plaster walls, sets tile, and lays brick or stone.
·      Performs routine maintenance on a variety of power-driven mechanical equipment including trucks, tractors, mowers and power saws.

View the classification standard for this title, on the Classification and Compensation webpage.

The NYS Title and Salary Plan provides additional information regarding other titles. If there is a classification standard available there will be a link under the column labeled STD. NO. If no link is available there is no classification standard available at this time for that title.

Summary of Minimum Qualifications

Please note: qualifications for this position may be subject to change. If substitutions for education and/or experience are allowed, this information would be available on the announcement.

This title is non-competitive.  No examination is necessary.  However, you must still meet the Minimum Qualifications of the position.

Candidates must have two years' experience in the operation and/or maintenance of a park, historic site, or recreational facility; OR two years' experience as a trades assistant under the supervision of a skilled trades­person, or completion of an appropriate two-year technical/trades school course.

How to Apply

An examination is not used to fill this title. You must meet the minimum qualifications of the title in order to be considered for this position. You must apply directly to the agency or agencies that have this title.

Career Mobility

Career mobility is not just limited to the titles in the Career Ladder, above. Additional movement may be achieved through other examinations, additional education and/or work experience. For additional information or clarification, current State employees should contact the Career Mobility Office. Visit ELMS Online to view established open-competitive, promotion, and transition eligible lists. If you are not a current New York State employee, see Employment Opportunities with New York State and find out how to become a New York State employee.

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