Rochester Childrens Service

Titles included in the NY HELPS program will clearly be identified.

Agency Titles

Food Service Worker 1

Grade 05 - Approximately 1 position

Intensive Case Manager - NY HELPS

Grade 22 - Approximately 1 position

Licensed Master Social Worker - NY HELPS

Grade 20 - Approximately 2 positions

Mental Health Therapy Aide - NY HELPS

Grade 09 - Approximately 8 positions

Registered Nurse 1 Psychiatric - NY HELPS

Grade 18 - Approximately 1 position

Residential Program Assnt 2 - NY HELPS

Grade 13 - Approximately 4 positions

Residential Program Manager 2 - NY HELPS

Grade 19 - Approximately 2 positions

Residential Program Specialist - NY HELPS

Grade 16 - Approximately 2 positions

Teacher 4 - NY HELPS

Grade 17 - Approximately 2 positions

9 titles in this agency.

Approximately 23 positions* in this agency.

The Office of Mental Health (OMH) has a large, multi-faceted mental health system which serves over 500,000 individuals each year. OMH operates psychiatric centers across the State and regulates, certifies, and oversees more than 2,500 programs which are operated by local governments and nonprofit agencies. These programs include inpatient, outpatient, emergency, community, support, residential, and family care programs. OMH also works toward a more effective public mental health system which values recovery, hope, excellence, respect, and safety.

* The number of approximate positions in GOT-IT are the total positions, both filled and vacant.