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Career Planning

New York State employees who are considering making a career change or want to move up the career ladder must remember to include the examination process as part of their plan. An employee must also keep in mind that moving up or across the career ladder takes time, energy, and effort.

To begin the process of developing a career plan you must first ask yourself, “What do I have to offer an employer?” Assess your skills, work experience, education, workforce needs, and goals.


Are your skills up-to-date? They do not have to be limited to your current position. Skills can be earned over a length of time. It is important however, that you have kept them current. For example: if you used to type 10 years ago could you still be considered a typist today? Can you type on a computer? What is your current speed and accuracy level?

Work Experience

When thinking about your work experience, include both paid and voluntary jobs. What type of work did you enjoy the most? What didn’t you like about the jobs you held? If you are thinking of changing your job completely, try some volunteer work first before you make the change.


You will need to evaluate your educational level. Do you have enough education for the type of job you are interested in? Are you willing to go back to school if necessary? How long will it take? Do you have the time, energy, and money?

New York State provides tuition assistance to its employees:

Tuition Assistance for CSEA-Represented Employees

Tuition Assistance for PEF-Represented Employees

Tuition Assistance for Management/Confidential-Employees

Workforce Needs

Are your job interests in the same area as the State’s workforce needs? The State of New York employs approximately 175,000 employees in a wide variety of occupations. Do not limit your plan to just one position, focus instead on the occupational area.

Once you have picked an occupational area, you will need to start researching what positions are available within the State. The CMO can help you with your research. You will need to learn about the job duties, minimum qualifications, examinations held for positions within your area of interest, salary levels and job availability.

After gathering this information, you will now need to look at your current agency and location. Can they provide you with the opportunities you are looking for?


You need to set some short-term goals when developing a career plan. The goals should include:

  • Take every examination you are eligible to take. Being appointed off of an eligible list is one of the main factors to keep in mind when thinking about mobility.
  • Make several career plans for yourself. Give yourself options.
  • Keep yourself informed as to the needs of the State’s workforce
  • Be flexible, your plans may have to change
  • Get your resume ready
  • Practice your interviewing skills

If you would like assistance from the CMO, please contact the CMO.