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A number of websites post New York State job openings.

State Jobs NY – This site is where many New York State agencies voluntarily post their job vacancies. Other New York State agencies post their vacancies on their own web sites and you will find links to them here.

Executive – administrative branch of government:
New York State – This site links to each New York State agency web site.

Judicial - branch responsible for carrying out and implementing the laws:
New York State Unified Court System – This site offers job and examination information with the New York State Courts system.

Legislative - branch responsible for the creation of laws:
NYS Senate
NYS Assembly

State University of New York - This site offers employment information on faculty and many non-teaching professional jobs on the various SUNY campuses. Many of these jobs are exempt from the Civil Service exam process. Contact each campus’s web site directly for vacancy information and requirements.


A number of websites post New York State Examinations.

New York State Examinations – This site provides information on upcoming state government exams.

E-mail Notification: - Sign up to receive notification of upcoming examination announcements.

Local Government Examinations: - The Department of Civil Service's Municipal Services Division provides information on upcoming local government examinations.