Assoc Dir Human Resources 2 - Grade 62

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This title exists within Various New York State Agencies and has approximately 51 positions statewide.

*The number of positions is approximate and represents the number of positions established (both filled and vacant); it is not an indication or reference to position type or duration, or intent to be filled.

Career Ladder

A listing of titles that are most commonly used as steps for upward mobility for this title series.

Salary Information for Human Resources Specialist Trainee 1
Title Grade Hiring Rate/yr Job Rate/yr
Human Resources Specialist Trainee 1 13 $51,920 $65,219
Human Resources Specialist Trainee 2 14 $55,005 $68,805
Human Resources Specialist 1 18 $65,164 $80,860
Human Resources Specialist 2 23 $84,246 $105,255
Assoc Dir Human Resources 1 61 $90,931 $114,940
Assoc Dir Human Resources 2 62 $100,845 $127,474
Assoc Dir Human Resources 3 63 $111,925 $141,439
Assoc Dir Human Resources 4 64 $123,793 $156,224

All salary grades for trainees titles are non-statutory (NS) equated to the salary grade identified. These grade equations apply to the starting salaries in their respective salary schedule for the traineeship levels.

This title may exist in more than one negotiating unit. This salary schedule represents the most typical salary for this title. Click here to view additional salary information regarding the various bargaining units.

An individual's final salary is determined by the Office of the State Comptroller. This salary schedule does not reflect any Special Salary Treatments

Job Duties

As an Associate Director Human Resources 2, you would:

Support executive management's vision by aligning human resources functional areas with organizational goals.

Plan, organize, develop and direct the staffing, position classification, and employee services program for an agency or cluster of facilities.

Provide advice and assistance to the Director Human Resources or other administrator to facilitate a continuous effort to improve operations, decrease cycle time, streamline work processes, and cooperatively provide quality customer service.

Represent the agency or cluster of facilities in resolving major issues with agencies such as the Department of Civil Service, the Office of the State Comptroller, the Governor's Office of Employee Relations, and the Division of the Budget.

Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the human resources function and proposes recommendations for improvement.

Within the framework of the Civil Service Law and the policies of the Division of Classification and Compensation, develop and maintain the classification plan for an agency or cluster of facilities.

Supervise the maintenance of a complete inventory of position descriptions, job requirements and performance measures.

Review organizational relationships and the impact of changing programs to identify classification and staffing implications.

Develop and supervise the implementation of procedures governing the collection of job information in the conduct of job audits and conferences with supervisory and management staff.

Develop and supervise the implementation of procedures governing the submission of requests to the Division of Classification and Compensation for new positions and for changes in title and salary of existing positions.

Serve as an advisor to agency management in matters relating to staffing, appropriate titles, salaries, and job requirements.

Direct and coordinate the recruitment program of a State agency or cluster of facilities.

Supervise the ongoing identification of agency staffing needs compared with available resources.

Correspond with potential applicants and organizations and serves as a link to interested candidates in hard-to-fill positions.

Attend conferences and address professional, administrative and/or technical organizations to attract candidates for job vacancies.

May collaborate with executive staff members to identify suitable candidates to fill vacancies.

Develop and maintain the examination program for a State agency or cluster of facilities, in cooperation with and under the guidance of the Department of Civil Service.

Develop and supervise the implementation of agency procedures for analyzing jobs and determining the knowledge, skills, and abilities for which testing plans must be developed.

In conjunction with examiners from the Department of Civil Service, develop the form and scope of examinations, and a validation program.

Prepare and review examination questions or recommend subject matter experts to the Department of Civil Service.

Serve as an oral examination panel member as requested by the Department of Civil Service.

As authorized by the Department of Civil Service, supervise the conduct of decentralized examinations.

Develop policies and procedures for the appointment and assignment of employees and for their evaluation.

Develop and supervise staff in the implementation of procedures for canvassing eligible lists; interviewing candidates to determine suitability for positions; and arranging for line supervisory participation in employment interviews.

Develop effective procedures for evaluating probationary work performance and for annual performance evaluation ratings and appraisals.

May personally review performance evaluation reports to identify potential problems.

Confer with program managers to discuss solutions for improving the work performance of employees. Coach managers and employees in addressing performance issues.

Represent the agency or cluster of facilities at hearings regarding alleged discriminatory practices.

Oversee or coordinate the processing and maintenance of employee and payroll records, which may be performed by an enterprise service provider.

Supervise the development and maintenance of a position or item control system to ensure the most efficient and effective utilization of agency staff.

Supervise the processing of employee transactions to ensure compliance with Civil Service Law, rules and regulations.

May supervise the preparation of the agency's payroll.

Provide for the effective administration of a number of employee services.

Supervise the administration of the employee benefits, employee recognition, and agency health and safety programs, which may be performed by an enterprise service provider.

Develop procedures to ensure the effective dissemination of all available employee services to staff.

Supervise or conduct a career mobility and pre-retirement counseling program.

Plan, direct, supervise, and coordinate the work activities of subordinate professional and clerical staff.

In collaboration with Director Human Resources or executive staff, ensure all human resources activities comply with federal and State laws, rules and regulations.

Participate in developing and implementing a diversity and inclusion plan for the agency and/or facilities.

Participate in implementing organizational development strategies, including succession planning, leadership development, programs restructuring, and change management.

Manage an effective employee relations program; implements an effective communication plan to keep employees up to date on organizational changes, new or modified policies and procedures, and other issues affecting the workplace

Manage the development and maintenance of human resources data systems.

Assist the Director Human Resources or executive staff in a variety of tasks, including responding to Division of Budget call letters, developing strategic and annual plans, and directing workforce planning initiatives for an agency, facility, or cluster of facilities.

Develop and supervise the staff development and training program for an agency or cluster of facilities.

May participate as a member of management's team in the negotiation process and in Labor/Management Committee discussions where the subject is directly related to human resources; may investigate and hold hearings on disciplinary and grievance matters.  

Administer the agency's attendance and leave program with guidance from specialists in the Department of Civil Service and in the agency's labor relations office.

View the classification standard for this title which illustrates the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.

Summary of Minimum Qualifications

Please note: qualifications for this position may be subject to change. If substitutions for education and/or experience are allowed, this information would be available on the announcement.

This position is filled by promotion and requires one year of service as a Human Resources Specialist 2 or Associate Director Human Resources 1.

Please note: qualifications for this position may be subject to change. Job postings on StateJobsNY will contain the most up-to-date qualifications.

How to Apply

This title is filled via promotion by the agency or agencies which have this title. Candidates must have had appropriate service in the promotional field for this title to be eligible for consideration. Applicants must apply directly to the agency or agencies that have this title.

Mobility Options

Career mobility is not just limited to the titles in the Career Ladder, above. Additional movement may be achieved through transfers opportunities or other examinations.

For additional information or clarification of transfer determinations, current State employees should contact the Career Mobility Office at (518) 485-6199 or (800) 553-1322.

You can also visit ELMS Online to view established open-competitive, promotion, and transition eligible lists.

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